Astropyga Pulvinata

Deep water flat spiny urchin collected in shrimp boat nets from 40-100 meters / 120-350 feet. Endemic to all the northern ocean just south of Puerto Penasco. Uncleaned, dried specimens.  The spines are very delicate and are broken off.  I have never recieved any intace spined specimens I am not offering any cleaned specimens at this time. The photos you see is approximately what you will recieve.  

I have multiple available

Astropyga Pulvinata

  • Google Earth Coordinates:

    31 15' 14"N / 113 12' 41" W

  • Size Range:

    10cm-16cm / 4"-6"

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U.S. - 480-238-2403

Mexican - 638-109-9666

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