Many of you who are coming to my new website know me as danroxy2001 from Ebay.  I had a stellar record, 875 perfect 100% feedback and an international Power Seller rating.  But due to Paypal arbitrarily and with no cause or even warning, terminated my account, my Ebay account was useless, since they only use Paypal.

Search the customer complaints for Paypal, they are doing it to thousands of their customers.  Loyal customers.

I also had to apply for a U.S. Fish & Wildlife Import/Export Permit.

I now have that. 

My permit number is: A15355

Expires: 03-31-2020

Now this is important, due to the fact that  any shells or echinoderms I want to mail to any person in the U.S.A., I have to make a 5 hour trip to Nogales, or a 6 hour trip to Tijuana.  Because those are the only two ports of entry that have U.S. Fish & Wildlife offices and inspectors.  So this means that any buyer in the U.S.A. will have to wait at most 30 days before I can mail out your items.  I will only be shipping once a month.  Plus I have to pay a $100.00 inspection fee every time I go to the border to mail anything.  International buyers will not be affected, as I can mail from Mexico. I have already mailed items to Australia and China and they arrived at their destinations in about a month.  So please be patient with me and I will communicate the shipping and tracking information.

I will strive as always to honor any broken items, with a refund or your pick of a bigger and/or better specimen of the same species.

Thank you all for your continued support and patience.

I hope everyone will enjoy their seashells or echinoderms.

Contact me any time....email is best.  24/7