Quality collectible seashells and echinoderms

from the Sea of Cortez / Gulf of California

Specimens for the discerning professional collector and novice collector alike.

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I am providing hard to find species and specimens, some only found in the Sea of Cortez or also commonly known as the Gulf of California. Like the newlydiscovered Forreria Corteziana.  I am the only supplier of this new muricidae species in the world.  All of my shells come directly from panga boat hooka divers and deep water shrimp boat trawlers.The panga boat divers bring specimens from 3-15 meters depth, the shrimp boats trawl from 60-300 meters depth.   The fun part is I never know what will be presented to me next.  I'm always needing help in identifying new species that I've personally never seen before.

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